A Capella Profile: Alyssa White ’18 of Off the Record

Group: Off the Record


Members: Julia Baker ’17, Katelyn Lyons ’18, Catherine Cote ’18, Alyssa White ’18, Casey Fang ’18, Tess Andrekus ’18, Caroline Body ’19, Sara Reimer ’19, Devyn McHugh ’19, Lizzie Flynn ’19, Sarah Carnwath ’19, Ella Cappabianca ’19, and Emali Khalyat ’19.

What is Off the Record?

“Off the Record is one of the newer all female a cappella groups on campus. As a group we are unique, positive, and energetic. Our members love having fun, both behind the scenes and when we are performing!”

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been a part of this ensemble, how did you initially become involved?

“I am a sophomore and I am studying to be an English teacher. I am an active participant in the theatre department at Holy Cross and have been singing since the fifth grade. I joined Off the Record the second semester of my first year. A friend of mine, a current member, encouraged me to audition —she caught me brushing my teeth in the bathroom and told me to look out for an email from the a cappella group. The rest of course is history.”

What do you love most about singing in Off the Record?

“There are so many reasons why I love singing in Off the Record. I especially love all of the members of this group, the young women who I have the pleasure of singing with every week are what really makes this group special. Everyone in the group is different, has such vibrant personalities and shines individually —when put together we create something amazing.”

What is it like being a part of the a cappella community on campus?

“It is honestly so much fun! All of the groups on campus are incredibly talented, but also so different. We each have a sound that is unique to our own. I love when we have the opportunity to perform together, most recently during the annual family weekend a cappella concert —I loved hearing the other groups sing, it is a reminder of just how many talented people we have on campus.”

What is your favorite song to perform and why?

“I really enjoy singing my solo, “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith. It was my first official solo since being a part of the group and it felt amazing to be able to do so in front of large groups of people. I received a lot of positive feedback afterwards and it makes me happy that people enjoyed listening to it. It is also a song that has a level of personal meaning to me, so it felt especially good to sing it.”

If you could describe Off the Record in three words, what would those be and why? 


Upcoming Performances:

  • Every Tuesday at 9:40 pm in Coolbeans!
  • We will also be featured in the a cappella battle later this winter

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