A Capella Profile: Lauren Clair ’16 of The Delilahs

Group: The Delilahs


Members: Lauren Clair ‘16, Natasha Meyer ‘16, Emma Linsenmeyer ‘16, Betsy Glynn ‘16, Amanda Gibson ‘17, Emily Smith ‘17, Erin Sullivan ‘18, Eve Wenger ‘18, Isabel Block ‘19, Olivia Merritt ‘18, Megan Nemeth ‘18, Natalie Welsch ‘17

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Lauren.

I’m currently a senior  working on a major in math with a minor in education. I am also in the Teacher Education Program and will be student teaching high school math full time in Worcester this semester! Besides being involved in the Delilah’s, I am the co-chair of the Purple Key Society and I am a teacher’s assistant for Calculus. I became a part of the Delilah’s in the Fall of my freshman year. I overheard the group singing “No Scrubs” in Cool Beans and instantly was drawn to the group! All the members were so fun, sweet, and talented- but they also had a lot of sass and confidence- which I loved! I auditioned for the group the following week and have been a part ever since! I could not imagine my time at HC without the Delilahs.

Who are The Delilahs and what is your ensemble all about?

Founded in 1993, The Delilahs are The College of the Holy Cross’ oldest, all female a capella group. We love performing and sharing our talents with others! Our musical selections range from Delilahs’ classics- such as the Irish Blessing- to current hits like Adele’s Hello. We pretty much are down to sing whatever, as long as we can add our own Delilahs’ flare to it! You can find us around campus by looking for the “Ladies in Black”. It has been a Delilah’s tradition to wear black with pink accents for every performance and we love keeping the tradition going.

What do you love most about singing in The Delilahs?

The other girls in the group. It’s honestly impossible to describe the bond you make with the Delilah members unless you experience it for yourself. The 11 other girls are my home away from home. It is extremely reassuring to know no matter what you always have a group of people on campus who support you and love you for who you are, and when you fall down- are always there to pick you up! I always have so much fun whenever I am with the Delilahs- both inside and outside of rehearsal, and some of my best memories of college have been with these girls.

What’s it like being a part of the an a Capella community on campus?

Amazing! Each group on campus is so supportive of the other groups and willing to collaborate and help each other out! I have made so many friends just by having an a-capella connection. Plus, you always know that other members of groups will join you in a random sing-along without hesitation!

What’s your favorite song to perform and why?

That is such a tough question to answer! But I would have to go with the Irish Blessing. The Delilah’s have always ended every performance with this song, so it’s extremely sentimental and meaningful to all of us. Plus, it is absolutely beautiful- and no matter how many times we sing it, I always get goose bumps!

If you could describe The Delilahs in three words, what would those be and why? 

Fun, Flirty, and Fabulous! And as for the why- come to a performance and see for yourself!!

Upcoming Performances: Every Monday at 10 p.m. in Cool Beans (“Manic Mondays”)

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