A Capella Profile: Chris Fernandez ’18 of Sons of Pitches


Group: Sons of Pitches


Members: Robbie Amesbury ’16, Brian Ott ’16, Pat O’Konis ’16, Quinn McGee ’16, Brian Nasto ’17, Charlie Schufreider ’17, Alec Davis ’17, Derek Kunz ’17, Christopher Fernandez ’18, Dalton Weir ’18, Nate Donahue ’19, Joe Portch ’19, Hawar Haddadi ’19, and Michael Lyons ’19

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Chris.

I’m from West Hartford CT and a sophomore. I joined Sons my freshman year on a whim. I had no intention of joining an a capella group, but was persuaded by Pat O’Konis to audition at the co-curricular extravaganza. He told me “The worst thing that can happen is you have the best time of your life” and that claim has held true.

Who are Sons of Pitches and what is your ensemble all about?

Sons is one of the all-male a capella groups here at Holy Cross. We perform a long list of songs that ranges from the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows” to MKTO’S “Bad Girls.” The primary goal of Sons is to brighten peoples’ day with a song or two. Our aim is to put a smile on everyone’s face who attends our performances.

What do you love most about singing in Sons of Pitches?

What I love most about singing in Sons of Pitches is that no matter how challenging my day has been I can go to rehearsal and just let everything go. During rehearsal I get to relax, and for those few hours a week I don’t have a care in the world because I am surrounded by my friends while making some amazing music.

What’s it like being a part of the a capella community on campus?

Holy Cross has a very large a capella community for a school our size. I think that it’s great to be a part of such a thriving community. Each group on campus is unique; we all bring something different to the table. The diversity amongst the groups allows for us to learn new things based off of what the other groups are doing.

What’s your favorite song to perform and why?

My favorite song to sing with Sons is “Bad Girls” by MKTO. This song allows the full potential of Sons to be unleashed. It provides us with the opportunity to be the goofballs that we all are. Another reason why I enjoy this song is the arrangement itself. Our musical director Brian Nasto does a great job creating arrangements, and his arrangements of “Bad Girls” contains intricate lines that are fun to sing and interesting to listen to.

If you could describe Sons of Pitches in three words, what would those be and why? 

If I had to describe Sons in three words it would have to be: goofy, talented, and family. Sons’ primary goal is to perform to the best of our ability while putting a smile on everyone’s face, and we believe the best way to do so is by unleashing our inner goofball. Although Sons is an a capella group, more than anything it’s a family.

Upcoming Performances: Every Sunday @ 10:10pm in CoolBeans

-Chris Fernandez ’18

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