Spotlight on the Arts: Margaret MacMullin ’16

On Feb. 10, Margaret MacMullin ’16 and two other Holy Cross students received recognition awards at ArtsWorcester’s 12th annual College Show, which  exhibited the artwork of students from the Worcester-area colleges and universities.

In this reflection, Margaret discusses her inspiration for her award-winning work:

“Paper Plane,” oil bar, paper, and collage

Maggie - paper plane

“I created Paper Plane as my final project for Fundamentals of Drawing. Professor Remby had introduced the class to oil bar just a few weeks before, and it became my favorite medium: I could smudge and smear the paint with my fingers, removing the usual barrier of utensils between the artist and the work. The idea of the paper plane as a subject came from a song about a broken relationship, but as I started sketching, the idea developed into something more. Just like a paper plane is subject to even the smallest gust of wind, so is any new endeavor. When the hand releases the plane, control of the plane is surrendered.”

“While drawing, I thought about how I would soon be entering the unknown, traveling on a real plane to study abroad. Anything that I had ever started and failed, begun and succeeded, everything I will ever attempt–all of that, for me, is in that drawing.”

 “Before the College Art Show, I had never had my work exhibited in a gallery. I have struggled to define “art” for myself: why do I like create, is there an ultimate goal for “art“? And the best answer I can give is communication. But without a listener, a work cannot speak. ArtsWorcester provides that forum, and I am so grateful that Paper Plane found a place in the conversation.” – Margaret MacMullin ’16

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