Spotlight on the Arts: Purva Rumde ’18

On Feb. 10, Purva Rumde ’18 and two other Holy Cross students received recognition awards at ArtsWorcester’s 12th annual College Show, which  exhibited the artwork of students from the Worcester-area colleges and universities.

In this reflection, Purva discusses her inspiration for her award-winning work:

“Tangles,” pastel and charcoal on paper

Purva - tangles

“For class, we were asked to construct a portrait inspired by an artist known for their compelling self-portraits. I chose Frida Khalo, who utilized surreal-realism as a vehicle to convey her physical but also psychological self. While Khalo’s work proudly highlights her insecurities and attributes, I am more muted. I don’t share my personal fears. After much self reflection, I came up with different aspects of myself that were uniquely “me.” My hair is my biggest insecurity, but also my most defining physical characteristic. My introspective work is an attempt to shine a light on this darker aspect of my psychological self, in a hope to one day overcome my fear of my tangles and develop an appreciation in its place.”

I am grateful that my piece has been chosen for the College Art Show. There are many other wonderful pieces students have submitted, and the Show itself is a great opportunity to showcase their artistic visions, but also personal parts of themselves.” – Purva Rumde ’18

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